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Entree, Набор стаканов для бренди 4 шт

400 ml
На складе 1
37,60 €

Entree, Комплект стаканов 4 шт

620 ml
На складе 1
31,30 €
-50 %

Entree, Entrée комплект 12штук

Comprehensive set of champagne flutes for many occasions The glasses, goblets and jugs from Entrée have a simple and harmonious shape. Thanks to their classic design, they are perfect for any occasion, ranging from a fresh drink at lunchtime to a cognac after dinner. The collection is especially interesting for novices. The elegant glass set consists of 4 red wine glasses, 4 white wine glasses and 4 champagne glasses. This means you’re perfectly equipped for your next dinner party with friends. Discover the elegant crystal glass edition.The set consists of:4 x Entrée Red wine goblet4 x Entrée White wine goblet4 x Entrée Champagne flute
На складе 9
50,00 € 100,00 €