Yves Delorme

Since 1845 the name FREMAUX has been synonymous with Home Linen and the company can truly say that it is one of the oldest businesses of its kind in Europe.The excellence of Fremaux-Delorme’s heritage can be found in the history of the men and women who have built the company, in its expansion and also in its products. The passion and know-how of five generations are woven in every sheet, every towel and every tablecloth. When you buy linen from Yves Delorme you take home with you the whole wealth of this tradition. Yves Delorme offers the widest home linen collection in the world, as much for its style as its quality. The collection is based on four main themes: Douceur A composition of luminous harmonies with fresh and delicate tones. Pastel shades associated with floral and geometric motifs, this theme illustrates romanticism à la française. The identity of the Yves Delorme brand is unmistakably linked to this theme which was at the origin of the brand. Raf f inement An authentic universe of pure quality in which the talent and the mastery of a great house are equally expressed. The designs from this theme represent the epitome of quality. Esprit Déco A subtle fusion of inspirations from near and far, this range is an invitation to sensual pleasure. Created from original themes and erudite references this is a world where spiritual pleasures are added to the sensual feel of the fabric. Intemporels The range of colours of the plain bed linen and towelling collections evolve and are renewed regularly. BED LINEN: PERCALE, SATEEN AND JACQUARD Percales and sateens are woven with long fibre “Egyptian” cotton which makes the fabric silky and soft. Yves Delorme has selected high quality products for its range of duvets and pillows. There is a wide range of products filled with down or hollow fibres. Blankets in merino wool, mohair or cashmere are manufactured with the greatest care.