Pure porcelain. Clean and simple. Quintessentially precious.

Porcelain brands

Arzberg is prized the world over as a porcelain design brand. What is good design? Aesthetics, functionality and durability: Arzberg. What is special? Being entwined with beauty, commitment to functionality, and relevance to life: Arzberg. What turns eating and drinking into a true experience? Form 1382, Form 2000 and Form 2006, Gourmet, Profi, TRIC, Cucina, Daily…: Arzberg.

Brand design

“We can no longer afford to bring products to the market which bring no joy to customers after even a short while because they are impractical, dated or simply not modern enough” – such were the words of Dr. Hermann Gretsch, whose Form 1382 revolutionised the world of porcelain in the early 30s. This legendary design, which he created back then for the time for Arzberg , has become one of the absolute classics of modern industrial design. Arzberg porcelain is always functional and always beautiful: it’s created to eat from, and never have your fill. To serve food and celebrate. To touch and admire.

Brand values

The power of the brand and design are lasting values. Even in a changing market. A table set for dining needs porcelain. Time and again. Every day. Arzberg produces porcelain made to last. In a variety of ranges for different occasions, lifestyles and moods: rather like the “new desire for fine dining” trend – highly contemporary and perfectly with Arzberg’s “Gourmet” range.


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